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Goal Setting for a StyleBoss + Free Goal Setting Printable

StyleBoss women know that no matter what you want out of life – success, prosperity, love, happiness, serenity, a great job, a great relationship, a great body – you can’t get there unless you know exactly where you’re headed.

Before taking on any journey, it is absolutely essential you know where you want to go. But in order to plot your course (and recognize it when you get there) you need to know exactly what this thing looks like and where it can be found. These destinations we call goals have been shown to be the #1 factor in predicting success.

But there’s more to writing goals than scribbling, “1. Make a million dollars, 2. Start a business, 3. Be athletic, 4. Change the world.” on the back of a post-it note. Here are some secrets that make goal-setting as powerful as possible for me.


You Can’t Jump To The Top Of The Staircase

“I want to be famous. I want to be rich.”

These are two of the answers I hear whenever I ask someone their dreams or goals. I say, great, how do you plan to achieve this?

Now I could go on about my theories of how to go about achieving such lofty goals but instead I want to share something that works REALLY well for me when trying to achieve goals I set for myself or for That theory is,

Set realistic, achievable goals.


Staying Motivated While Becoming a StyleBoss

Having recently started a business while working full time and the immense pressure of my entrepreneurial mind to do too much, I often feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  I have always been a self-motivated go getter and always wanted to be the epitome of a girl boss.  Many of you share my ambitious spirit and are often overwhelmed and hit a wall.  Here are my tips for how I stay motivated and rise up to be a StyleBoss.