You Can’t Jump To The Top Of The Staircase


You Can’t Jump To The Top Of The Staircase

“I want to be famous. I want to be rich.”

These are two of the answers I hear whenever I ask someone their dreams or goals. I say, great, how do you plan to achieve this?

Now I could go on about my theories of how to go about achieving such lofty goals but instead I want to share something that works REALLY well for me when trying to achieve goals I set for myself or for That theory is,

Set realistic, achievable goals.

For example, I’d like to gain 50 more likes on my Facebook page or I’d like to sell 4 pieces of product from my store or even a simple, I’m going to eat healthier today.

When you set these kind of goals & accomplish them, you have an incredible sense of accomplishment which motivates you to keep going & set new goals to achieve. When you set unrealistic goals that are much harder to accomplish such as, I need a million followers or I want to be rich or famous especially with no plan to accomplish these, you set yourself up for failure. Thus feeling discouraged & unmotivated to set or chase after the next big goal.

Remember, you can’t just jump to the top of the staircase. There are steps you must accomplish to get you closer to the top.

Meet you guys there.

XO- Juliana




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