Staying Motivated While Becoming a StyleBoss


Staying Motivated While Becoming a StyleBoss

Having recently started a business while working full time and the immense pressure of my entrepreneurial mind to do too much, I often feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  I have always been a self-motivated go getter and always wanted to be the epitome of a girl boss.  Many of you share my ambitious spirit and are often overwhelmed and hit a wall.  Here are my tips for how I stay motivated and rise up to be a StyleBoss.

1. Take a Break

I work 7 days a week and starting my business has only kicked my personal time to a non-existent state.   While vacationing in Florida recently, I hit a wall. I was supposed to be having fun in the sun, yet I found myself hours each day on my laptop taking care of PowerPoint presentations and catching up on emails. This was supposed to be my getaway from reality, yet I was face first in my laptop and not enjoying my time away and being present in the moment. After realizing that working while lying by the pool was not going to solve my stress, I put it down. I recognized that what I needed was a real break and the time to recharge myself so I can come back refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Work was always going to be there and so was the stress that comes along with it; so there is nothing more important in that moment than to take a break and reset.

2. Focus On One Task At a Time 

Something that I have learned is to focus on one thing at a time. I often take on too many tasks and get overwhelmed easily with how many goals I have set and now need to attain. This is where time management skills are critical. As women we juggle so many things and as entrepreneurs there are no set work hours. When it feels like you are falling into the black hole of work and to-do lists, take a deep breath and focus on each thing you need to do as a single task. Do not think about the next thing until you have accomplished the last. Worrying only causes unnecessary stress and can deter you from being able to be the boss that you are.

3. Organize your environment

And by this I mean, I mean all of it. Your calendar, your desk, your home, your closet, etc. Being organized can solve stress in an instant. Often times we are overwhelmed because we don’t know where things are, what to do next, or what to wear to an event. All of these things are culprits of a stressful environment. Take the time to organize your space and your work to help you work more efficiently.

4. Motivational Books

Being a collector of inspirational and empowering books for women in business, I truly believe they help keep you motivated. Whenever I feel down and look for some advice, I turn to books written by women who inspire me. Hearing their stories of overcoming adversity and being successful in business keeps me inspired to believe I can do the same. I often take notes from their lives and learn from their experiences in business and implement them into my own strategic plan. Starting my own online store and blog, motivation and strategy is essential to my new business. Currently I’m reading the Master Strategy Planner: Lessons to Create & Launch Profitable Business Strategies by Kristi L. Jackson. Books like these are the tools to keep you motivated, organized, and help create the tools for a successful foundation for your business.

5. Understand why you are doing what you’re doing

This is probably the most valuable advice I can give you. At the end of the day, after the long hours and sleepless nights you must truly look at why you are doing all of it. Knowing the purpose behind all of your sacrifices and stress keeps you motivated and working towards the ultimate goal in your life. For myself, I can admit that I have cried over being so overwhelmed with work I didn’t know how to keep going because I was so tired. Then I realize why I work so hard and why I need to keep going. Never let stress or something you cannot control get you down. Let the reason you are working so hard prevail over any stress you may have and you will come out a winner.




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