Welcome #StyleBoss!


Welcome #StyleBoss!

Hello #StyleBoss and welcome to my first blog post! I am so excited to welcome you into my world full of fashion, beauty, shopping and most importantly STYLE. I have always been a believer that fashion is the industry but style is something each one of us possesses. You don’t have to have on the most expensive designer gown to have style.  In fact, I believe that makes you less stylish!  Style to me, is all in the way in which you carry yourself and how you put it together and accessorize.  Having a major love affair with online shopping and always wanting to seek out the best pieces to put together the best look, I decided to share my idea of a #styleboss to the world.  My goal is to not only to be an online clothing destination but to create a style lifestyle where woman can come not only to shop but to be inspired.

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Juliana Nicole
Juliana is a fashion entrepreneur turned lifestyle blogger sharing her personal style, business tips and travel adventures. A stylist at heart she loves to share all her favorite tips and techniques with her audience of StyleBosses. Her goal is to connect with readers by giving them creative content they can use all year round—from the latest trends in the industry to the clothing that’ll never go out of style. With a fun and loving spirit, Juliana's loves also include fashion, fitness, and travel to inspire women to be the best StyleBoss women they can be.
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